Hola. I’m Lena, Creative Director & Designer living and working in Rijeka, Croatia, and delivering worldwide.

Since I can remember I’ve been doodling, colouring, painting, sketching, cutting, and scribbling to my emotionals content. The fascination for visual creation got me hooked at an early age and it stayed with me through life.

I honed my creative ideas and design skills working for design studios while harbouring a desire to pursue and develop my own style and ideas. This desire led to the creation of I LOVE DESIGN in early 2003, a commercial freelance outlet for my art direction, design and production skills.

My style can be quite subtle, delicate, intricate and beautiful with flat colours, hand drawn typography and simple graphic elements all featuring. I often choose to limit colour in my pieces as working with a palette of just 2 or 3 colours really makes you think about the choices you make.